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Why is everyone using Event Tent?
 Aug 17, 2022|View:656

When it comes to using a Tent, we can see that the Event Tent is becoming more and more common at conferences, banquets, and events. Why is the Event Tent the new darling of events? Let's talk briefly about the advantages of an Event Tent.

Due to the self-assembled structure of the Event Tent, all the components will be prefabricated in the factory, even a 600-square-foot tent can be set up and decorated in less than a day, making it easy to disassemble, relocate and reuse multiple times.

The Event Tent has a huge space, and the interior is spacious without any obstacles. Apart from the dining room, the Event Tent can also be used to plan the stage for the presentation and performance. The layout is simple but full of functions, able to handle meetings and banquets of hundreds of people!

Event Tent

There are many outdoor wedding banquets, dinners, annual meetings, and conferences in the market at present, and there is a great demand for outdoor tent space, so now a lot of events, wedding companies, and hotels are starting to buy Event Tent, capture this huge market.

Our Event Tent is very scalable and can be used for a variety of events and events of different sizes, as long as we choose the right span specifications. Event Tent length can be extended and reduced to create a variety of spatial scales, the main frame can be used with different top cloth and walls, and interior decoration can be varied, ready to transform into a variety of spaces!

If you need the Event Tent, please feel free to contact us and we will advise you on the appropriate purchase specifications based on market demand, as well as a variable-span Tent for a variety of uses.